A Powerful Well-Being Evening with Paul Watkins and Dale Sidebottom

Discipline Meets Play: Crafting Resilient Lives

Join us for an inspiring and transformative two-hour show featuring two dynamic speakers, Paul Watkins and Dale Sidebottom, as they combine their expertise to help you build a disciplined, resilient, and joyful life. This event is perfect for individuals, families, parents, and everyone looking to improve their outlook on life.

Discover the Power of Discipline and
Play for Mental Well-Being

Paul Watkins - Let Me Tell You a Story...

Paul Watkins, a seasoned adventurer and business builder, brings over two decades of experience in developing the skill of discipline and doing hard things. From academic achievements to hands-on challenges, Paul has left his mark from Antarctica to the Arctic, building businesses, climbing iconic mountains, and excelling in some of the toughest races on the planet.

Through captivating storytelling, Paul helps you:

  • Develop the skill of Discipline
  • Understand and build Anti fragility
  • Craft a powerful internal narrative about who you are and what you are capable of

He will equip you with a toolkit for designing and driving your own asymmetric and anti fragile life at work and at home.

Dale Sidebottom - Discover the Power of Play!

World-renowned speaker and well-being guru Dale Side bottom, creator of The School of Play, invites you to experience the trans formative power of play. Dale's engaging and energetic approach will show you how play can unlock invaluable mental health benefits. He has worked face-to-face globally in over 20 countries.

Play is Essential for Everyone

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to forget the importance of play. Play helps you be present, reduces stress, and enhances mindfulness. This talk is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the joy of play and learn how it can improve your mental well-being.

Paul’s TEDx Talk
Dale’s TEDx Talk

Our talks, supported by researchfrom La Trobe University,have shown remarkable results:

  • 83% Increase in Positive Emotions

    Feel happier, more content, and connected with people in your life.

  • 30% Enhancement in Vitality

    Boost your energy levels.

  • 20% Rise in Mindfulness

    Stay present and reduce stress & anxiety.

Health and Well-being Outcomesfor Attendees

  • Improved Mental Health

    Reduce stress and boost emotional well-being.

  • Enhanced Social Connections

    Strengthen bonds with family and friends.

  • Boosted Creativity and Innovation

    Unlock your creative potential.

  • Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

    Feel better about yourself and your abilities with loads of fun and simple ideas to use daily to improve your mood.

Don’t miss out!

This two-hour show is a must-attend for adults, parents, and children alike. The mental health benefits you'll gain will be invaluable, offering you and your family tools to lead happier, healthier lives.

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