Student Voice, Agency, and Leadership Play Based Well-being Program

The School of Play (TSOP) offers a facilitator-led, play-based well-being program to empower student voice, agency, and leadership across primary and secondary schools. The program is built upon the Australian Student Well-being Framework. It hosts a platform of play-based activities and science-backed well-being strategies to support integrating well-being strategies throughout the school. Our goal is to transform student leaders into well-being champions, promoting a school-wide emphasis on mental health and positive education.

Program Structure

Our half-day workshop provides student leaders with hands-on experience, teaching them how to lead these programs in their school and community. A key component of our program is the focus on the leadership development of your school's emerging young leaders; we guide how to lead future initiatives in their schools. The program is rooted in positive psychology, particularly the PERMA pillars of well-being.

Target Audience

  • Primary Schools

    Year 5 and 6 students, focusing on developing peer-to-peer well-being activities.

  • Secondary Schools:

    Student leaders in Years 7-12, SRC members, and middle/senior students.

Included Resources

  • Half-day leaders workshop.

  • Access to TSOP online membership platform.

  • Weekly lesson plans and a comprehensive database of play-based well-being activities specially designed for students.

  • Workshop leadership materials, including a student resource booklet.

  • Over 1000 games and activities are accessible online, with videos, instructions and PDFs.

Support and Training

Students receive training in leadership, workshop facilitation, and program planning skills. Schools receive ongoing support from TSOP through regular follow-ups to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the program. Additionally, the online platform supports self-paced learning, accommodating different learning styles and needs. The program will look slightly different in each school. The TSOP team will work closely with your school leaders to co-design and support the implementation of our program in your school setting.

Cultural and Inclusive Practices

The program is tailored to meet students' diverse needs and backgrounds, emphasising cultural safety and inclusivity. Modifications are made to accommodate students from vulnerable cohorts or those who have experienced trauma, promoting an environment of safety and trust.

Evidence of Impact

In 2023, we partnered with La Trobe University for a year-long study on our play-based program's impact on participants' well-being. We are delighted that the data significantly improved students' happiness, stress reduction, and vitality. Systematic reviews echoed these findings, emphasising enhanced mood and motivation among participants.

Boost In Positive Emotions

Happiness Boost

Our FunShop program significantly elevates joy and positivity. Participants experienced a remarkable 30% increase in happiness levels, with their positive feelings soaring.

Enhanced feeling Of Vitality

Reduced Stress and Loneliness

More than just fun, our program is a powerful tool in combating stress and loneliness. We observed a substantial reduction in negative emotions, decreasing over 20%.

Increased Mindfulness

Surge in Energy

Participants left our program happier, more energetic and vibrant. There was an impressive 40% increase in energy levels.

Unlock an Unparalleled Leadership Experience

Don't just take our word for it—watch this quick introduction video to discover all the incredible perks of this pioneering student leadership play-based well-being program.

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